Lessons from our young scientists

“To me science is studying and working out what things are and what they mean and how they behave and what they do”


“When doing field work, it’s really good to stay in the same place for a long time...because if you just there for a short time, your going to see one insect and then think “Oh yeh let’s move on”. But if you stay there a long time you’ll see loads, even if at the beginning you don’t see anything”


LBS PS bee diversity collage.jpg

“I think this project is important to raise awareness about flies, bees and wasps… there’s so much diversity in them. When people think of a fly they think of a housefly. There’s so many more flies! And there are wasps that look like flies that look like bees… And when people think of bees they think of European honey bees. There’s over 2000 species of bees in Australia that are native!”

“Being a scientist is not about dressing up and going to uni…
It’s about observing nature”