Native Bee ID and Habitat Making Workshop with Sydney SCB


Did you know we have over 1700 native bees in Australia? 


I teamed up the Sydney Society for Conservation Biology (Sydney SCB) on the weekend to learn and share our knowledge of native bees, how to identify them in the lab, and build habitats to bring home. 


We began with a quiz to share our knowledge of who is who and who lives where. What a ka-HOOT! 

2018-06-10 12.23.01.jpg

Participants identified native bees under the microscope- contributing to real science looking at the resilience of bee pollination in community gardens of Sydney.


Jasmine identified a masked bee to species! 

2018-06-10 15.09.47.jpg

People got very crafty building native bee habitats from recycled materials!

2018-06-10 15.45.46.jpg

Hollow bamboo makes great homes for Leaf-cutter and Masked bees

Reed bees love bundled stems of dry lantana.

2018-06-10 15.45.29.jpg

Drilled hard-wood logs makes wonderful habitat for Resin and Masked bees.

2018-06-10 15.09.23.jpg

What a delight to be joined by so many members of the community interested in our native bees! Watch out for the next workshop, August 17th!